Vol. 123, No. 47 A Newspaper of General Circulation November 23, 2020
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Credit News

Federal Tax Liens, Shawnee County, KS - Database
Fields: Last Name/Business Name; First Name; Misc. Information; Address; City; State; Zip; Type; Amount
State Tax Liens; Shawnee County Kansas - Database
Fields: Last Name or Business Name; First Name; Misc. Information; Address; City; State; Zip; Amount
Local, State and National News

Classified Ads - PDF
Stories - Text
Articles found in The Topeka Metro News. These are compiled into one list, in no particular order.
The Topeka Metro News-PDF - PDF
PDF of The Topeka Metro
Other Public Records

Corporations - Database
New Kansas Corporations
Fields: Corporation Name; Address1; Address2; City; State; Zip; Type*
Real Estate and Construction

Shawnee County, Warranty Deeds and Mortgages - Database
Warranty Deeds and Mortgages from Shawnee County, Ks.
Fields: Transaction Date; Grantor; Grantee/Mortgagor; Address; City; State; Zip; Mortgagee; Mortgage Amount; Mortgage Term; Mortgage Type (FHA or VA); Adjustable Rate Mortgage (Y if yes); Interest Rate; Comments
Shawnee County Public Notices

Legal Notices, Shawnee County, KS - Text
Public Notices - PDF
The Courts

Civil Docket, Shawnee County, KS - Database
This Shawnee County Court. Civil Court Docket.
Fields: Case Number; Plaintiff Name; Defendant Name


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